Linda K. Lewis, Johnson County, Kansas

Dear USGenWeb SWSC Region,

Hi! I'm Linda K. Lewis, one of your current SWSC CC representatives, and I'm seeking your vote for reelection.

candidateTo let you know a bit about me, I became interested in cemeteries when I was a teenager in Philadelphia. I was bitten by the genealogy bug in the early 1980s when research was slow and costly. I've been a professional web developer and IT professional since 1992.

All of the above drove me to become a countributor to the Johnson County KSGenWeb site (the county where I live) in 2003. Shortly thereafter I became the Cemetery Coordinator, and eventually assumed the County Coordinator role. Over time I adopted other sites, served on the Election Committee, served as the USGenWeb Webmaster, and served as your SWSC CC rep since 2009.

As a volunteer for USGenWeb, I find the rewards to be bountiful. I've even been blessed to meet a great many of the researchers who travel here to visit ancestor graves and other meaningful locations. My goal for my sites is to add more resources, and work towards expanding my sites for easier use in a mobile environment.

As a Board representative it is our responsibility to address issues as they arise so the States can develop their sites as they see fit. As your SWSC CC rep for the past four years I have listened carefully to the regional list, the state lists where I'm a member, and to those who have sent me their opinions directly. It remains my goal to vote your majority opinion and express your concerns. You can review my voting history for the past two years on the Board archive:

I hope you will vote for me during this election, but most of all, please keep up the great work you are doing on your individual sites. YOU are what makes USGenWeb a great resource for all!


Linda K. Lewis

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